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Welcome to our website and blog about our book Reconnecting to Self: How to Create a Better Relationship with…You!

I am very excited to announce that our book will be published before the end of 2016! While we don’t know the exact date yet, we will be sure to keep you posted. If you’d like to be notified about the release date, the launch party or to be eligible for free prizes, you may click (HERE) to join our e-mail list. If you want to receive updates on Facebook, you can like our fan page by clicking (HERE).

It has been an amazing adventure getting this project off the ground. The book is currently in the hands of our talented graphic designer Magrit Baurecht of Core Creative Team (www.corecreativeteam.com). She also designed the book cover which you can see above and on our home page. I understand she also does website design and can help with marketing strategies – a very talented lady!

Inspiration for Reconnecting to Self comes from the fields of psychology and mindfulness. There are many theories within the field of psychology and each theory contains a nugget of wisdom that can be used at different times and varying circumstances. In this book, I use these concepts to explain how we lose an important connection in our lives – the connection with ourselves – and how to reconnect.

For example, our thoughts can negatively impact how we feel about ourselves. A simple example is when you make a mistake and call yourself names and the name calling causes you to start to feel bad about yourself. By noticing your negative thoughts, questioning them and changing them to be more adaptive and supportive, we reconnect to ourselves in a positive way. We also talk about patterns in which we get stuck, how our emotions can trip us up, repeating themes in our lives and much more.

I have written Reconnecting to Self in a simple, easy to understand style. The concepts are matched with my brother Dave’s amazing photographs to create a calm and peaceful place for you to read, learn, and reflect.

I can’t wait to share this book with you! If you have questions, please feel free to e-mail us at SusanKMerrill@reconnectingtoself.com or post them on our Facebook fan page (click here).

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