Book Launch Tomorrow! (aka Fear with a capitol “F”)

My book “Reconnecting to Self: How to Create a Better Relationship with…You!” will be released tomorrow! My intention for writing this book is based on my belief that when we heal ourselves, we can lead more engaged, rich, and connected lives. I believe that when we heal ourselves, we can then use our new-found power to heal the world.

I am feeling so much F-E-A-R. This book is so small, the problems of the world so big, what possible difference can it make? Who am I to write a book anyway? There are so many people who are smarter, more articulate, wittier, more qualified – well, the list goes on and on – why should anyone read my book?

Yet, I chose not to live in fear. I lean into the fear so that I can understand it better. By understanding it I can tame it a bit and make conscious decisions about what to do to keep me safe. Is this a risk worth taking? What if my book helps just one person live a more connected life? I feel my fear – and put the book out anyway!

I have found in my life that once I’ve soothed my own fear a bit, and am not living from fear myself, I can start a conversation with others to uncover their fears. While my book is about maintaining a good connection to ourselves, what we learn in the process can be applied to our connection to others and the outside world as well. “Oh, I’m scared about that too” is a place of compassionate understanding from which we can stop the blame game (also in my book) and focus on the actual problems we face. When we focus on the actual problems, we can figure out solutions – together.

So, even though my book is small, it is my attempt to help nudge my world and the people in it to a more connected and compassionate place – within ourselves and with each other.

I could really use your help to let the people in your world know about this book. Please help me promote it by sharing this post, e-mailing or calling your friends, neighbors and colleagues about it. And, by all means, come to my Book Launch Party tomorrow at the Seal Beach Yacht Club from 1:00 – 4:00 pm!

Take good care,

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