You Are Amazing!

Try this in front of a mirror. Look into your eyes and say: “I am awesome,” “I am amazing.” or “I am the best thing that ever happened to me!” Can you do this without rolling your eyes, or saying, “yea, right?”

Many of us are more likely to say something critical than nice: “I’m too ____” (fill in the blank….dumb, stupid, lazy – really the list can go on and on here). Sometimes we tell ourselves we “should” be/act/look a certain way. Or we hold ourselves to impossibly high standards, aiming for a kind of perfection that doesn’t exist. Negative self-talk erodes your self-confidence and undermines your self-esteem.

Catch your negative thinking and stop it! Change your internal dialogue to be kinder, wiser and more gentle. You may have to work your way into more positive self talk. “I always try my best,” “I am the best me I can be,” or “In spite of my faults, I am incredible!” “I am marvelous.” While you’re at it, try out some other adjectives as well. I am sensational, sublime, outstanding, astounding, charming, wondrous, and stunning!



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