Finding Calm During Busy Times

Staying connected to our inner Self can be challenging during the best of times. But when we are super-busy, like during the holidays, it becomes increasingly difficult.

Give your Self a gift of a few minutes each day in quiet reflection. This is hard because when we’re busy, we don’t want to stop. Stopping feels counter-intuitive. Do it anyway! Sit or lie in a comfortable spot. Get quiet. Close your eyes or focus on the flame of a candle. Breathe!

Ask yourself the following:

-Is my schedule realistic?

-Do my activities or events bring me or others joy?

-Are they meaningful to me?

-Who can help me?

-Can I postpone something to another day?

-Can I delete this off my to-do list once and for all?

When our to-do list is pared down and we become centered, the frantic feeling and panic disappears. Tasks and activities are more pleasurable. This in turn, creates more satisfaction and joy!

Even if you can’t cut anything from your list, becoming grounded will provide a good springboard for your day. Focus on additional ways to support your Self during this busy time. For example, make sure you get a good night’s sleep, exercise, take naps, and eat in a way that supports your health.

Practicing Self care will help you sail through the hectic holiday season. Staying connected to your Self, even when you’re busy, helps you to continue growing in your Self-awareness and Self-knowledge.


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