Mist in the Mountains

Reconnecting to Self means pausing to notice each present moment and appreciate its beauty. On a recent trip to the Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, rain and fog shrouded mountain peaks in mist and distant views were obscured. The generous precipitation gives life to a dense rain forest which is verdant and lush.

The misty mountains can be a metaphor for our lives. We can see ahead, but not too far. We have clarity on some aspects of our lives, but other parts are fogged in and fuzzy. We want the rain to stop! Yet, quiet beauty surrounds us, waiting for us to notice: a bird singing in the trees, the splash of a fish jumping, the rush of a distant waterfall, the fresh scent of the trees and earth.

Reconnecting to Self means practicing patience for the future to come into focus. It means we don’t wait for the rain to end, but embrace the knowledge that rain is as essential as sunshine.

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